Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Do you have any helpful habits or routines?

I felt it's very interesting write-up by Andrew Ng and which I can feel everyday in my life. Worth keeping in my notes!!

Do you have any helpful habits or routines?

I wear blue shirts every day, I don’t know if you know that. [laughter] Yes. One of the biggest levers on your own life is your ability to form useful habits. 

When I talk to researchers, when I talk to people wanting to engage in entrepreneurship, I tell them that if you read research papers consistently, if you seriously study half a dozen papers a week and you do that for two years, after those two years you will have learned a lot. This is a fantastic investment in your own long term development. 

But that sort of investment, if you spend a whole Saturday studying rather than watching TV, there’s no one there to pat you on the back or tell you you did a good job. Chances are what you learned studying all Saturday won’t make you that much better at your job the following Monday. There are very few, almost no short­ term rewards for these things. But it’s a fantastic long­term investment. This is really how you become a great researcher, you have to read a lot.

People that count on willpower to do these things, it almost never works because willpower peters out. Instead I think people that are into creating habits — you know, studying every week, working hard every week — those are the most important. Those are the people most likely to succeed. ­ 
                                                                                                                                           -Andrew Ng 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Eclipse popup dialog/ notification message blocked by model shell

In general, while we are working on any eclipse model dialog/wizard ,if any notification dialog appears that will be blocked until get it's the focus. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Git: Reverting multiple bad commits which are already pushed to a central repository

Here is the case:
I pushed multiple bad commits into a central repository and now I wanted to roll back all of them.

Step1 : check git log and identify your last good commit or till where you wanted to roll back.
$ git log --oneline
5ff2aee commit1 - bad commit
8516637 commit2- bad commit
64db1b7 commit3 - bad commit
6897d4b commit4 - bad commit
6974cb5 commit5 - this is my last good commit
79e63c6 commit6
6cd2939 commit7
d39ae18 commit8

Step2: Do reset hard till your last good commit.
$ git reset --hard 6974cb5

Step3: verify git log
$ git log --oneline
6974cb5 commit5 - this is my last good commit
79e63c6 commit6
6cd2939 commit7
d39ae18 commit8

Step 4: Do force push to central repo
$ git push origin <master repo> -f

Preferences sharing across all workspaces - Handling programatically

To share preferences across all workspaces in eclipse, you need to save preferences via ConfigurationScope.

What is configuration scope ?

Preferences stored in this scope are shared by all workspaces that are launched using a particular configuration of Eclipse plug-ins. On a single-user installation, this serves to capture preferences that are common to all workspaces launched by that user. On a multi-user installation, these preferences are shared by all users of the configuration.

How to save ?

IEclipsePreferences store = ConfigurationScope.INSTANCE.getNode(MyUIPlugin.PLUGIN_ID);
if (store != null)
store.putBoolean(MyFLAG_PREF, true);
catch (BackingStoreException e)
//Log exception

How to retrieve the saved preference value?

boolean isSet = Platform.getPreferencesService().getBoolean(MyUIPlugin.PLUGIN_ID,
MyFLAG_PREF, false, new IScopeContext[] { ConfigurationScope.INSTANCE });

Understand more about preference scopes:

Eclipse tips and tricks

Managing eclipse global preferences / eclipse installation level preferences

Where are the global preferences stored for eclipse? 
 eclipse\configuration\.settings folder

Here some plugins store their global preferences. For example: the recent workspace settings are in org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs.


Same way you can store your plugin global preferences in your own file.

Take a look at this.