Monday, April 16, 2018

Adding "Available Software Sites" for your eclipse RCP

An Installable Unit can be augmented at generation time by writing a p2 advice file (p2.inf). The format of this file is java properties file containing key=value pairs. From Eclipse 3.5, touchpoint advice files can be placed:
  • In bundles (META-INF/p2.inf): The instructions are added to the installable unit for the bundle
  • In features (a p2.inf file co-located with the feature.xml): The instructions are added to the installable unit for the feature group
  • In products (a p2.inf file co-located with the .product file): The instructions are added to the root installable unit for that product.

I would like to add p2.inf file at the same level of the .product file and add the below content with the my software update site and eclipse Oxygen update site

Project Structure:

p2.inf content:

instructions.install = \    addRepository(location:http${#58}//,name:my studio Stable Updates,type:0,enabled:true);\
    addRepository(location:http${#58}//,my studio Stable Updates,type:1,enabled:true);\
    addRepository(location:http${#58}//,name:Eclipse Oxygen Update Site,type:0,enabled:false);\
    addRepository(location:http${#58}//,name:Eclipse Oxygen Update Site,type:1,enabled:false);


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Update Eclipse Luna to Mars,Neon and Oxygen

Due to structural changes you cannot update from a Mars (or prior) all-in-one package to a Oxygen version. If interested in the technical details, see bug 332989 and bug 490515 and Bug 462282

Monday, November 6, 2017

All eclipse versions update sites

GIT: Pushing a remote branch with a different local branch name

Usually, when you are pushing like git push origin master, your remote branch name and local branch is same i.e, master

But if you're having a different branch name locally for your remote branch 'master

$ git push origin localbranchName:remotebranchName

example: git push origin testlocal:master

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Git force merge

Here is my scenario - I've development and release branches. And I want to merge my changes from development to release branch and if any conflicts during merge and I want to overwrite with the development branch changes.

$ git checkout release  => switch from development to release branch
$ git merge -X theirs development  => merge changes from development to release branch

Understand more about it here -