Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How do I stop the error log view popping up in eclipse

In general will log lot of information and errors into the error during the job execution, if that is a long running job it will keep on posting current execution messages to the error log. While posting the message to the error log view, if the view is not focused job will bring the focus to the view.
Sometimes this would be disgusting, if you are working with other view just next to it, beacause focus will always goes back to the error log view, if any message is posted into it by currently running job. To avoid this kind of issue follow the below approach.

In error log view, you can find the drop down menu (small triangle on the top - right of the view), deselect "Activate on new events".

This will avoid the view popping issue when any error or messages are pushed into error log.

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