Monday, January 6, 2014

OSGI and start levels

Eclipse Plug-in start levels are there to simply determine the start order of bundles.
But as a developer or end user, we should never treat or code based on the order of OSGI start levels, it's completely managed by OSGI framework.

At least as of now, I have never come across the situation where I need to modify the plugin start level to launch an eclipse or develop Eclipse RCP Applications.


From eclipse run time options:
The start-level indicates the OSGi start level at which the bundle should run. If the start-level (>0 integer) is omitted then the framework will use the default start level for the bundle.

If they do not specify a startlevel then they default to the value of osgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel. The default value of osgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel is 4

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