Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Conventions for naming git branches for your development

Some practices which I follow for naming git branches.

If you are working on sprint/agile development, you might have planned certain activities for each sprint.

let's say, every sprint development is for 1 month,so for every sprint we can maintain different branches as mentioned below.

Example: In Development mode
Sprint 1  =>  Branch name: dev-1.0.1

here, dev-<Major version>.<Minor version>.<Sprint version>

While handing over your work to QA team, we can promote this branch to QA branch.

Example: In QA mode
dev-1.0.1 will become qa-1.0.1

If you are providing builds one top of dev branches.
Example: For sprint 1 on dev branch

Here, <pluginname>_<<branch name>.<build number>>.jar

on QA builds generation,

If many people are working on sprint on various features, then we can create a different branch for each feature(ex: dev-1.0.1_explorer), once the feature is stabilized then we can merge this with the main sprint branch i.e dev-1.0.1

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