Thursday, April 19, 2018

Redis meetup, Singpaore

Few days back, I got a chance to attend Redis Meetup in Singapore, and it was an interesting session!

I thought, I could share some of my learnings from the session!

Major features:
  1. It’s a in-memory data structure - so you can expect more RAM if you want to store more data!
  2. It’s blazing fast!
  3. Easy and versatile
  4. No SQL
  5. Stores the data in key-value way
  6. Can be used as Cache buffer, Message broker, Pub/sub and in streams
  7. It’s a single threaded.
  8. Can be deployed in the “cluster” mode, scalable up to 1000 nodes!!
  9. It has self healing feature - if the master goes down, automatically slave node will become the master and align with the other nodes

It’s used in the WhatsApp, Twitter, Uber, Grab, Airbnb, Netflix and many more! - This is very interesting to me since I use most of these apps in my day-to-day life!

The only problem I heard is - It’s very difficult manage Redis Cluster and it doesn’t guarantee consistency!!

Quick start:

Installing in macOS:
  1. Download the latest stable version Redis 4.0.9 is the latest stable version.
  2. Extract the tar file
  3. Run "sudo make Install" from the root directory

Quick test:

item-ax30641:redis-4.0.9 kkolipaka$ redis-cli ping
item-ax30641:redis-4.0.9 kkolipaka$ redis-cli> set mykey helloworld
OK> get mykey



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