Friday, May 3, 2013

Java script - Prototype and new

Basically I was looking for how 'new' and 'prototype' things works out in Java script, and I could find very good site, which has lot of stuff on these areas.

Example #1:

RecordManager= function(){};

RecordManager.prototype.getRecords = function(){
  return true;

var manager = new RecordManager();

assert(manager.getRecords(), "status");

OutputPASS status

Example #2:

function RecordManager(){}

RecordManager.prototype.addRecords= function(){
  return true;

var manager1 = RecordManager();
assert( manager1 , "Is undefined, not an instance of RecordManager." );

var manager2= new RecordManager();
assert( manager2.addRecords(), "Method exists and is callable." );


  1. FAIL Is undefined, not an instance of RecordManager.
  2. PASS Method exists and is callable.

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