Thursday, October 3, 2013

Eclipse Mac OS - Context-sensitive help

 Please find the below link on context sensitive help from Eclipse for various platforms.  Please go through the “Context-sensitive help” section.

 As mentioned in the Eclipse documentation,  “ F1(Shift+F1  Help on the Mac). Alternatively, in dialogs you can achieve the same result by pressing the   help button in the dialog's button bar.”

To make it clear, Eclipse Mac is not providing the context sensitive help the way how windows (using F1) is providing.   You have to use’ help’ key in Mac keyboards or ‘command+shift+?’ in mac pro’s to point to the Help search.

 To use context-sensitive Help on Mac OS, set a keyboard shortcut to the Dynamic Help command. Eclipse ‘Dynamic Help’ option is available for Windows and as well as Mac systems.
This can also be used to get the context sensitive help documentation.

To specify a keyboard shortcut for the Dynamic Help command, do the following:
1.       Select Eclipse > Preferences.
2.       In the tree view, select General > Keys.
3.       Select the Dynamic Help command.
4.       Press the key binding combination that you want to set. For example, to enter Ctrl+Shift+1, press and hold the keys Ctrl and Shift and then press 1. A plus sign (+) between the keys indicates that you must press the keys in succession.

Now, you will be able to get ‘ context sensitive Dynamic help’ doc.  This provides the exact documentation whatever you are getting in windows through Dynamic help (This could be different from what you are getting for ‘F1’ help in windows but this would be same as what you are getting through dynamic help in windows).

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