Friday, October 18, 2013

Java VM PermGen space

The Java VM memory is split up to 3 memory spaces:

  • The Java Heap. Applicable for all JVM vendors, usually split between YoungGen (nursery) & OldGen (tenured) spaces.
  • The PermGen (permanent generation). Applicable to the Sun HotSpot VM only (PermGen space will be removed in future Java 7 or Java 8 updates)
  • The Native Heap (C-Heap). Applicable for all JVM vendors.

The Java HotSpot VM permanent generation space is the JVM storage used mainly to store your Java Class objects.  The Java Heap is the primary storage that is storing the actual short and long term instances of your PermGen Class objects.

The PermGen space is fairly static by nature unless using third party tool and/or Java Reflection API which relies heavily on dynamic class loading.
It is important to note that this memory storage is applicable only for a Java HotSpot VM; other JVM vendors such as IBM and Oracle JRockit do not have such fixed and configurable PermGen storage and are using other techniques to manage the non Java Heap memory (native memory).

Below diagram showcases various heap memories and how we can configure them using vm arguments.

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