Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Eclipse Simultaneous Release 2018-09 is now "Eclipse 4.9"

I was expecting Eclipse 4.9 sometime during June, 2019 as part of the Eclipse annual release cycle. It's kind of surprising for me when I heard about Eclipse Simultaneous Release 2018-09 (SimRel 2018-09 ) is now called as "Eclipse 4.9

Each annual release typically occurs in June, with follow-up update releases in September (*.1), December (*.2), and March (*.3). 

Whatever, let's welcome "Eclipse 4.9" and it's time for one more upgrade!

Here are New and Noteworthy changes in the Eclipse 4.9

More FAQ's here on the naming convention for Simultaneous Release:

More interesting part is here from the above link:

The releases will be named following the pattern year.month: SimRel YYYY-MM.
For instance SimRel 2018-09SimRel 2018-12SimRel 2019-03SimRel 2019-06
Note that unlike past years, the name will no longer change annually with an alphabetically increasing name (Kepler, Luna, Mars, Neon, Oxygen, Photon) but will instead remain the singular name of the train.
See the discussion in Bugzilla : https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=532220.

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