Monday, October 1, 2018

Snapshot of Java 11 Features

New features from the developer’s perspective:

I think the most important feature from above is, HTTP Client API. As you must aware there are a number of existing HTTP client API’s and implementations exist, e.g. Jetty and the Apache Http Client – In fact, I was using Apache Http Client since there was no standardized API from the Java. 

Other important thing here is - Removal of Java EE and CORBA modules. Many projects still using JAXB API's and now they need to package them as third-party jars.

Memory and Performance tuning:

However, none of them impact the hotspot GC. Those are introduced to address various use cases especially for testing and performance tuning and need to enable them through specific flags.

Deprecated Features:

Lot of people uses the Nashron JS engine to run the JS code from the Java – this might be a huge impact for those people.

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